Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Jewellery for your knitting

These can be made using either silver or black coloured soft wire.  This particular set was made for size 15mm and 20mm needles but they are more usually made to fit from 2mm-10mm - contact me with your requirements. 

Soft wire markers are ideal for marking the beginning of anything knitted in the round.  They can also be used anywhere you need a marker - a recent shawl I made looked lovely with half a dozen crystal markers along the top.

Some jewellery

Crystal hearts
These are £5.00 per pair and 
I have the following colours:
Red, green, purple, black, turquoise,
amber, clear, pink, smokey and dusky pink.

These prices are for standard ear wires, 
sterling silver wires can be used 
(extra charge of £2.00)

Items available with my charms

Silver charms 

Can be used for

Stitch markers (soft wire or lobster clasp - both styles £1.00)

Earrings - £5.00 (sterling silver ear wires £2.00 extra, clip-on earrings  £1.00 extra)

Necklaces - £5.00 - 18" delicate chain (waiting for stock) or 18" medium weight chain (photos to follow)

Charm bracelets - price varies depending on quantity of charms required - starting price £5.00 (with one charm).  I have two styles of bracelets - chunky or sparkly  (photos to follow)

Crochet hook keyrings come with one lobster clasp stitch marker (with Knitting & Sewing charm no2) but I am happy to change that for any one of my other silver charms at no extra cost.


Enamel Charms 

My enamel charms are also available for any of the above items with an extra charge of £0.25 per charm. (Photos to follow)


Charms, charms and more charms!

Silver charms in stock

 Tuesday 10 May 2016

I have more charms ordered and will add them to the appropriate groups when they arrive. 

Also, please feel free to ask if there is something you would like that I don't currently have on show and if I can I will order it for you. 

Crochet hook keyrings

At £5.00 these are one of my best sellers
(perhaps because of the amount of dropped stitches they can hook up!)
They come in the following sizes
2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 3.75mm, 4mm, 4.5mm and 5mm
Various colours and any one of my silver charms (on a lobster clasp so you can use it as a stitch marker or a progress keeper)
Contact me with your preferences and I'll do my best to fulfil your request.
Currently updating 
Please check back later!

Any photos below this post are out of date but the prices are correct. 

I'll be adding more product photos over the next couple of days

Monday, July 07, 2014

Raffle prize

I made this set as a raffle prize for the
Edinburgh 21/6/14

A fabulous event enjoyed by many yarn addicts.
Hope it's on again next year!
It was and it was fantastic! 

More row counting chains

I have a variety of colours of chain and 
I also like to use different colours of abacus beads.  

Row counting chains

Comes with instructions and in various colours
Contact me to discuss colour choices. (£10.00)

Two sets of stitch markers that were gifts (sets like this would be £7.50)

Friday, January 17, 2014

Letter bead stitch markers

I have cube beads or coin shaped beads
Soft wire or lobster clasps
Silver charms or enamel charms
Various beads to use as end stops and spacers

 Please contact me to discuss your requirements and yes, I am happy to provide rude words. My email address is available by viewing my profile.

Up to 12 letters  - £1.00
Up to 12 letters plus silver charm - £1.25
Up to 12 letters plus enamel charm -£1.50

Crystal heart stitch markers

Set of four crystal hearts with varying lengths of soft wire.  No longer supplied on binding rings (as per the photo above), now supplied on a coloured safety pin & in an organza bag.
£5.00 per set 

I have the following colours:
Red, green, purple, black, turquoise, amber, clear, pink, smokey and dusky pink.

Ringers stitch markers

Ringers Stitch Markers
These come in packs of 10 for £1.00
or with storage box (which can hold about 30) for £1.50
These have an internal diameter of 6.4mm

Ringers Colours
White, Black, Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Yellow & Turquoise  (not shown)
Also available in purple, bright red and 
pink with internal diameter of 7.9mm (not shown)

Ringers in use, marking the increase points on a set of armwarmers.